Optional Unified Field Approved for High School Lacrosse

Jul 31, 2017

New First Stick Awards Given to 128 Teams

Jan 12, 2017

Teams and organizations across 45 states have been selected as recipients of new First Stick Program grants and will receive comprehensive resources, including equipment, to help in becoming self-sustaining programs. This year’s grants total nearly $400,000.

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US Lacrosse Accepting Diversity Grant Applications

Jan 12, 2017

First of two application cycles in 2017 is open until February 13. A second application cycle for diversity grants will be offered later this year.

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US Lacrosse and the American Heart Association Join Forces

Jan 11, 2017

Increased education and awareness through the use of a specialized training kit will help youth coaches and administrators to be better prepared to respond to on-field emergencies.

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Lacrosse Being Used as a Tool to Help High-Risk Boys

Jan 10, 2017

Lacrosse is being used as a positive tool at the Ferris School to help wayward teenage boys who are identified as serious or chronic repeat offenders that pose a risk to themselves or others.

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First Stick Program Forges Forward

Nov 11, 2016

With Lacrosse.com as an official retail partner, the US Lacrosse First Stick Program is better equipped than ever to help fledgling lacrosse programs get off the ground in underserved communities.

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Diversity and Inclusion Grants Awarded by US Lacrosse

Nov 02, 2016

The D&I Grant Program is providing $87,000 in funding to support lacrosse diversity efforts by community partners in 22 states.

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Breschi Scholarship Winners Named

Oct 26, 2016

Honoring the life and memory of Michael Breschi, son of University of North Carolina men’s head coach Joe Breschi, the scholarships are awarded annually to two graduating high school seniors who plan to attend college and are the son or daughter of a coach who serves as a full-time employee of an educational institution.

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Creating New Opportunities

Oct 20, 2016

The reigning Ms. Wheelchair International, Yvette Pegues, was among the attendees at the US Lacrosse Adaptive Lacrosse Seminar and left the two-day event energized and excited about spreading lacrosse to new audiences.

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US Lacrosse WallBall Challenge Benefits Everyone

Oct 19, 2016

When Gavin Jones’ coach sent out an email encouraging his players to try out the US Lacrosse WallBall Challenge, Jones (right in the above picture) figured it would give him something to do over the summer to fight boredom. He got a lot more.

After 111,111 reps, he wore out the leather in his gloves, put blisters on his hands, found ingenious ways for his parents to pack his rebounder into the car for family vacations, met a new friend from across the country and accomplished exactly what his coach was hoping for.

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