US Lacrosse partners with Bollinger Insurance to provide exclusive on-the-field coverage for all US Lacrosse members. In addition, US Lacrosse and RPS Bollinger provide extensive Risk Management information that you need to protect your players and stay safe on and off the field.

General and Excess Liability Combined Limits

The US Lacrosse Liability Plans provide coverage for claims and lawsuits involving bodily injury and property damage to others, which arise out of lacrosse activities and operations. All currently registered player, coach and official members are covered by the liability plans. In addition, teams and leagues that have 100% players and coaches as registered members are covered. 

Coverage Description Limits/Details
Liability Limit per Occurrence $3,000,000 per occurrence
Participant Legal Liability (included in limit above)
Limit of Liability Aggregate (per location) $7,000,000 aggregate
Participant Legal Liability Aggregate (included above)
Abuse/Molestation Liability $2,000,000 per occurrence
Abuse/Molestation Liability $3,000,000 aggregate
Personal Advertising Injury $3,000,000 per occurrence
Products/Completed Operations Agg $4,000,000 aggregate
Medical Expense Limit $10,000 (to non-participants)
Damage to Premises Rented to You $1,000,000 per occurence
Deductible $0 per claim

Basic Accident Policy Limits

US Lacrosse Accident Plans provide coverage for accidental Injuries to members as a result of their participation in a covered lacrosse activity. This policy pays the reasonable and customary charges for a  covered accidental injury to an insured member. All currently registered player, coach and official members are covered. 

Coverage Description Limits/Details
Accident Medical/Dental Expense Limit $100,000 per injury
Full Excess Basis  
Accidental Death and Dismemberment Benefit $20,000 (incl. coverage for Cardiac/Circulatory claims)
Policy Benefit Period 2 years from date of injury
Physical Therapy Benefit $2,000 ($50 max per visit)
Durable Medical Equip. Benefit $2,500 per injury
Officials’ Game Fee Reimbursement Benefit $7,500 per policy term - Up to $200 reimb per game
Emergency Medical Evacuation (more than 100 miles from home) $25,000 benefit for claims resulting from on-field injuries
Deductible – Youth Players $500 per injury
Deductible – HS Players $500 per injury
Deductible – Coaches & Officials $1,000 per injury
Deductible – CERTIFIED Coaches & Officials $500 per injury
Deductible – Adult Women Players $1,000 per injury
Deductible – Adult Men Players $3,000 per injury
Deductible – US National Team Players (while participating in National Team Events) $0 per injury
Deductible/Waiting Period - Game Fee 7 Days from date of injury
Emergency Repatriation Benefit (more than 100 miles from home) $25,000 resulting from on-field fatalities

Catastrophic Accident Policy Limits

If any injured member's claim exceeds the $100,000 limit paid under the Basic Accident, this will then trigger the Catastrophic Accident plan. Once a claim is eligable for coverage under the Catastrophic Accident Plan,any subsequent medical expenses resulting from that injury, such as additional surgeries or rehabilitation, would be covered for up to 10 years from the date of injury.

Coverage Description Limits/Details
Catastrophic Accident Medical/Dental Expense Limit $1,000,000 per injury
Catastrophic Cash benefit for Coma or Paralysis lasting more than 6 months $250,000 Lump Sum payment
Deductible (dovetails with Basic Accident policy limit) $100,000 *
Policy Benefit Period 10 years from date of injury
Deductible Incurral Period 2 years from date of injury
Full Excess Basis  
Extended Cat Benefits (Benefits listed below are capped at $1mm per injury) $1,000,000
• Adjustment Expense Up to $125,000
• Family Counseling Benefit Up to $25,000
• College Education Benefit Up to $150,000
• Adaptation Expense Up to $200,000
• Ancillary Sickness/Injury Benefit Up to $200,000
• Disability Benefit Up to $300,000
* To initiate the Catastrophic policy benefits, a claim needs to pay out at least $100,000 in expenses within the Deductible Incurral Period. These expenses can be paid by the US Lacrosse Basic Accident policy, by the claimant’s primary insurance, or by a combination of the two.

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