Registering your team or league with US Lacrosse means, in part, setting up and managing a group in your personal account and requiring all players and coaches to purchase and/or renew annual memberships in US Lacrosse.

Have your username and password handy:

  1. If unsure whether your group is or is not already set up in, proceed to Step 2 first. If new to, create your group from the Program/Team Management tab on your personal account profile page.

    InstructionsSign In

  2. Request Web access to your group from the Program/Team Management tab on your personal account profile tab. Once complete, a confirmation email will be sent within a few days.

    InstructionsSign In

  3. Have your players purchase or renew a membership in US Lacrosse, or do so in bulk on their behalf. There are three options.
    1. Individual Membership at
      A parent or guardian can purchase or renew a membership for a child securely at using most major credit cards. During this process, the member should select your group as his/her primary affiliation.

      Join or Renew

    2. Individual Memberships at
      If your team, organization or league uses its own website created through (League Athletics), a parent or guardian can purchase or renew a membership for a child securely while visiting that site. During this process, the parent will be linked back to

    3. Group Memberships with Excel Spreadsheet

      You may choose to either include an electronic copy of the US Lacrosse Membership form with a signature box as part of your on line registration or distribute and collect the paper US Lacrosse membership form.

      1. Log onto your personal US Lacrosse account and go to your Program/Team Management Page.
      2. Click on “Group Registration Export” tab.
      3. Add any new registrant to the next line of the exported file, if unsure of existing US Lacrosse membership go to Member Search, acquire US Lacrosse Number and add to spreadsheet with all other information.
      4. If you want to clean up your view you may return to your administrative screen and check the boxes of the participants showing on your report that are no longer a part of your program and click on the “Remove from Program/Team” tab at the bottom of the screen.
      5. Sort your “Group Registration Export “by expiration date and remove any players that have memberships that are valid through the end of your season.
      6. Email the template to with Group name and Group ID in the subject line. Submit one payment for all players and coaches with credit card called into 410-235-6882, ext. # 102, or with a check mailed to US Lacrosse, Group Membership, 2 Loveton Circle, Sparks MD, 21152. Hard-copy membership forms and excel templates may be mailed to the same address, if need be. Note: If you choose not to mail hard-copy membership forms to US Lacrosse, by law you or another representative of your group must retain the forms either in hard copy or electronically for a period of seven years.

        Membership FormExcel Template

  4. Verify that your players and coaches have valid US Lacrosse memberships through the end of your season.

    Membership Validation

  5. Have just a few players to add to your team? We can help you with that. Call our member services team at 410-235-6882, ext. # 102, before 8 p.m. ET Monday through Thursday, before 5 p.m. Friday, or between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. Saturday.

  6. Request a certificate of insurance through Bollinger. Insurance questions may be directed to Bollinger at 1-800-446-5311. Press 5 for lacrosse.

    Request Certificate of Insurance