Whether you are new to the sport of lacrosse or already familiar with "the fastest game on two feet," soft-stick lacrosse is a great way to introduce the sport to your students and community. The soft lacrosse sticks and soft balls are gender-neutral, and if you use the US Lacrosse Curriculum Guide to teach the sport, there is no additional equipment or protection needed to play.

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Please note that the equipment grant program is separate from the physical education workshop program, which provides hands-on training for teachers and other program leaders.

Soft Stick Lacrosse Equipment Grant Program

The US Lacrosse Soft Stick Lacrosse Equipment Grant provides a set of soft lacrosse equipment to schools, after-school programs and community-based youth organizations. A set of soft lacrosse equipment includes:

Examples of qualifying groups are (but not limited to): individual schools, an existing lacrosse team, parks & rec organizations, and after-school or community-based organizations (i.e. YMCA).

If you are looking to apply for equipment for multiple programs or an entire school system, US Lacrosse strongly encourages you to apply for a physical education workshop grant.


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